The Geldof Ghost

This picture has been making the rounds online at the moment. It was taken by the model Peaches Geldof, and seems to show an extra hand on the left. She claims she was holding her son in one hand and taking the picture in the other so it couldn’t be her. In doesn’t look like it could be her sons hand due to the angle. Apparentally a woman did drown herself in the bath.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

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Welcoming New Investigators

Hi everyone,

Apologies for a lack of updates on the page, we have been a very busy little team. We have recently welcomed 2 new members to the team to help keep up with the workload.

We have been working with Gregory Airey for a few months now. He has joined our team in a researcher role, as well as attending investigations. Greg has great knowledge, and has a solid investigation style. He has already been a great asset to the team in the short time he has been with us.

We would also like to welcome Phillipa Sousa to the team. She attended her first team meeting last night and is very friendly and will fit right in. She will be working as our case manager while Conor takes some family leave, so if you contact us it’s very likely you’ll be talking to her. We hope to get her out on an investigation soon. However if you would like to get to know Conor and myself a little better, read this news article from last year. It’s PDF though so you may need to download it.

launcestonparanormalClick to read

I plan to add an investigator section to the site soon so you can get a feel for who we all are. Expects some updates on new cases in about a month as I will be travelling for the month of August. Hopefully I’ll find some neat info to post while I’m away.


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The Conjuring Trailer

A lot of good buzz for this, have you or are you going to see it?

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Westbury Private Residence Post Investigation Research Findings

Site Details
Site Name: Westbury Private Residence
Address: Westbury Tasmania


Building Constructed:
Original Purpose of Building:  House
Site Contact Details
Contact Name:
Contact Phone:
Investigation Details
Investigation Date: /05/2012
Team Members Conducting Investigation: Brendan Crates, Conor Miller-Kaukenas
Research By: Simon Coleman
Research Findings
This is an account of a murder in Westbury in the 1800’s It is an electronic copy of the original article hence the words are occasionally fragmented.


BRUTAL MURDER NEAR WEST- BURY. In our last issue we published a few par- ticulars we had received in reference to a most brutal murder that was perpetrated near Westbury on Thursday last. We have since learned the following particulars :—The name of the murderer is James Connelly, though he was also familiarly known as “Daddy Carrots.” He obtained his living by   selling vegetables grown on a piece of land rented from a Mr. Mehigan, in the suburbs of Westbury, and in the locality known as the “Pensioners’ Bush.” He is said to be about 85 years of age, although many persons who have known him a number of years assert that he must be much older, as he frequently used to mention having taken part in the dis- turbances in Ireland in the year 1798, and has a distinct recollection of the Battle of Tara which occurred on 26th May of that year. He states that he is a native of Wales, but there is reason to believe that he is a native of the north of Ireland. He exhibits evident signs of imbecility at times, whilst at others he is quite the reverse, and when attending the inquest spoke very rationally of the circumstances connected with the murder; and his remark to constable Waller, when being conveyed to town, “that they would hang him as dead   as a robin,” clearly showed that he was cog- nizant of the result that was likely to follow the diabolical deed of which he was guilty. Of the victim little is known, except that his name was John Burton, and he was supposed to be about 60 years of ago, and a labourer. The   cause of the murder appears to have been over a dispute about a tree that was lying on Con-   nelly’s ground. Mehigan asserted that although Connelly rented the ground he had no claim to the timber upon it; while Connelly on the other hand insisted that he had, and stated that he paid two shillings for the felling of the tree in question. Notwithstanding this, how- over, Mehigan sent the deceased (Burton) to split the tree up, with the intention of carting it away; and it is supposed, by the position in which the body was found, that while the poor fellow was at work with his back to Con- nelly’s house, prisoner crept up stealthily behind him and struck him a blow on the back of the head. The body of deceased was first discovered by a son of Mr. Motton, of Westbury, who only a few minutes previously passed the same spot, when he observed deceased at work. Upon finding the body young Motton called a man named Phalan, who, on arriving, re- quested Motton to at once report the matter to the police, which he did, and Mr. Mahoney, Superintendent of Police, immediately accom- panied him back to where the body was lying, and observing that life was extinct, directed Constable McGuire to take charge of it while he went for a dray to convey deceased to Mr. Lyall’s, Westbury Inn. During the time McGuire was waiting for the dray Connelly came up and said—”I paid   for the felling of that tree: they wanted to take it away, but I wouldn’t let them. It was I that did it.” And in answer to the question from the constable as to what he did, he said “I killed him; I did it in a passion; I hit him on the back of the head with the pole of an axe,” and took McGuire into his place and pointed out the axe to him. McGuire then told him he arrested him for the wilful murder of John Burton, upon which pris- oner merely reiterated his former statements. An inquest on the body was held on the following day before J. P. Jones, Esq., Coroner, and the usual jury, of whom Mr. George Best was foreman, when eight wit- nesses were examined. Dr. McCreery deposed that upon examining the skull he found an angular wound that might have been caused by such an instrument as the axe produced. There was a fracture of the skull, part of which was beaten into the brain. Deceased must have been killed at once.—A verdict of wilful murder against James Connelly was returned. The prisoner, in answer to the charge, and after being warned by the Coroner that whatever he might say would be taken down in writing, and be used against him at his trial, then said he was guilty of the crime.—Connelly was brought to town on Saturday evening and lodged in the gaol, since which he has been exceedingly sullen, and refused to take his food. On Sunday he told Mr. Cox, the Governor of the gaol, that if he would give him his liberty he would take his dinner: of course the condition was not complied with. Connelly is said to have arrived in this colony in 1845, in the bark Mayda, which loaded wheat at this port for London, and was never afterwards heard of.

This is a news report from ABC news Tasmania regarding a shooting that occurred on the street behind Clients Westbury residence on the 28/11/2010 it may not be relevant as it is considered that the activity in question was occurring prior to this date however it is worth noting the occasion.

Jones St. Shooting (ABC News Report)

21-one-year-old Westbury man Nicholas Whiteley was shot about 9am (ADST) yesterday morning at a home in Jones Street, Westbury.

Neighbours said they heard a loud argument between Mr Whiteley and his girlfriend, Sheena Button, about 2am and that Ms Button had left a short time later with the couple’s baby.

But Ms Button told the ABC there had been no argument the day Mr Whitely was shot.

Police say Ms Button contacted them and asked an officer to meet her at the home so she could retrieve property.

The 57-year-old Senior Constable had entered the home before Ms Button arrived. Police say he twice called for back-up and used capsicum spray before firing his hand gun.

The Police Commissioner Darren Hine has visited the injured officer.

“He’s obviously very sore, he’s got severe bruising to his head and body but he’s recovering well,” he said.

Liberal MP Mark Shelton has stepped up calls for a ban on single officer patrols.

“It’s something that we need to address so our police officers aren’t put in this situation,” he said.

A neighbour, Margaret Shepherd, says a police woman came to her door.

“She wanted to know if we knew anything,” she said.

“She told us about it so we wouldn’t hear any rumours.

“She told us that the policeman was hit and he tried to use capsicum spray and he kept coming at him doing things so he shot him.”

The incident is now subject to a police and coronial inquiry.


The Examiner Newspaper electronic archive (1880-1973)

ABC News Tasmania

Northern Midlands Council

Archives Tasmania

Colonial Tasmanian Family Links Database

Tasmanian Births Deaths and Marriages

Holy Trinity Cemetery Records

Tasmanian electronic Will and Estate archive

Tasmanian Electoral Roll records

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Cressy Residence Pre-Investigation Research Report

Site Details
Site Name:  Cressy Bakery

Cressy Tasmania


Building Constructed: Homestead and Bakery (including stables)
Original Purpose of Building:  
Site Contact Details
Contact Name:  
Contact Phone:  
Investigation Details
Investigation Date: 11/04/2013
Team Members Conducting Investigation:  

Brendan Crates Simon Coleman

Research By: Simon Coleman
Research Findings

“Daughter and Client have both seen an older woman in Daughter’s room. She is described as being short, of large stature, big chested, grey hair, wearing an old style floral dress and pinafore/apron high up under her chest. She doesn’t look like from recent times, but not as old as the building. Subsequently Daughter will not sleep with the light off and this has obviously affected her sleep.”

We believe it’s possible that this woman could be Alice Powell. Please find research below.


I checked the Tasmanian Postal Directory and the First Mention of James Powell (husband of Alice Ann Powell) in Cressy was as post master in 1900 with his second eldest son also James. This may tie in with the coaching business they were said to have in other sources. They had 12 children and I am not sure as to what happened to them all as some information is not available on electronic record. All 12 of her children were born in Longford which also indicates that they arrived in Cressy around 1900 with the birth of Norman Powell their youngest child only 4 years before in 1896. If they did arrive earlier I suspect it would have been very near this time as they aren’t mentioned in any documentation I could find prior to 1900.

Children’s Names at DOB

  POWELL JAMES GEORGE 1876 Died 29/04/56  
  POWELL WILLIAM RICHARD 1883 Died 1926 Buried Longford  
  POWELL THOMAS GORDON 1892 Died 1973 (Bakery Owner)  
  POWELL LINDA GERTRUDE 1895 Died 1898 Buried at Cressy  


Norman and John may have owned Rosa farm in Leith


Alice hadn’t lived at Cressy as long as some other information led me to believe, however she was the oldest resident. She worked as a birthing nurse for more than 60 years. Her appearance as described could fit in with the 1930’s dress of someone of this occupation. I found her funeral notice dated 24/8/39 her reported date of death was 20/08/39. This could link in to how she seems to be more recent than the age of the property seems to be.

Alice was married in 1874 to James Powell and according to her final Will she out lived him as she had title over all the assets. The two headstones in the Holy Trinity Cemetery that have the name James Powell are apparently too deteriorated to confirm a date of death on either. (I am planning to visit this cemetery prior to the investigation).

Around 1926 T.G Powell (Thomas Gordon), her son, built the bakery. The best date I can give for the construction is an advertisement from the Examiner 18.12.1926 Stating it as something of everyday importance had recently opened as the community never previously had a bakery. Mr. Powell was a significant member of the community being on several boards and directing many things.

I have seen an actual copy of her Will and in it she states that she left the house to Thomas and another executor named Arthur Faulkner. The house was to be used by her son William and adopted son Jack until sold by the executors. There was also a section of the will that had been crossed with pen taking away the 1/3rd of an acre land she left to her son William. I can’t be exactly sure where this land was around her property but it is possible the bakery built 13 years before her death could have been sitting on that land. She only bequeathed to 4 Children and it leaves me wondering what happened to the rest.

She had great faith in remedies created to treat various ailments and I have found a couple of newspaper articles where she recommended them over the advice of doctors in one stating that she had seen the death of 14 babies in a few weeks as a result of a diarrhoea outbreak and she was relieved that the remedy she found saved her daughter’s life as the disease set to take her as well. She had a couple of printed commentary pieces in the local paper.

Due to Northern Midlands Council not keeping old records anymore I haven’t been able to confirm the house title at the period of time the Powell family existed there. I am endeavouring to locate this.



The Examiner Newspaper electronic archive (1880-1973)

ABC News Tasmania

Northern Midlands Council

Archives Tasmania

Colonial Tasmanian Family Links Database

Tasmanian Births Deaths and Marriages

Holy Trinity Cemetery Records

Tasmanian electronic Will and Estate archive

Tasmanian Electoral Roll records

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Cressy Private Residence Investigation Report

Site Details
Investigation Site(Including ‘Previously Known As’) Cressy Bakery
Address: Cressy Private Residence
Building Constructed:  1926 (approx)
Original Purpose of Building: Bakery/Home
Site Contact Details
Contact Name:  
Investigation Details
Investigation Date: 25/04/13
Team Members Conducting Investigation: Brendan Crates and Simon ColemanAlso present during the investigation was Client and her friend. Partner was asleep in bedroom.
Equipment Used During Investigation: 2 x K2 EMF Meter1 x Tri-Field Meter

1 x Sony Digital Voice Recorder

1 x Sony Night Vision Digital Video Camera – on tri-pod

1 x Sony Nightvision Camera 2

1x Full Spectrum Camera

1 x Kodak Digital Video Camera – on tripod

1 x IR Digital Thermometer

1 x Digital Still Camera

1 x REM Disturbance Device

1 x EM Pump

1 x Spirit Box

IR Lighting

Reason for Investigation:
Contacted by Client to investigate strange occurrences that seemed to have followed from previous residence. Launceston Paranormal Society investigated her previous residence in May 2012 (Westbury Private Residence).  Reports of apparitions, shadows, smells, voices, cold spots, electrical interference, orbs and unexplained figures captured in photos etc.  Client signed the LPS consent form on our arrival.
Investigation Findings

Personal Experiences:

  • Simon Coleman felt impression of being watched several times throughout house
  • Brendan Crates felt as if someone moved past him in the doorway of hall and lounge area. This coincided with several hits on the REM DD.
  • Client felt a tug on her jacket in the laundry. This coincided with feeling goosebumps.
  • Friend became very tired throughout investigation. It should be noted she is pregnant.
  • Hits on the REM DD occurred several times while Friend was alone in the lounge. It was suggested that if the spirit was “Alice” who worked as a midwife this could explain why activity seemed slightly focused on Friend (who is pregnant).
  • REM DD registered several hits during EVP sessions (captured on video). These appeared to respond to when spoken to but were to erratic to confirm. This device was also seemingly affected in some way by lights turning on and off, but was not consistent, sometimes registering a lot and other times not at all.
  • Severe battery drain on one video camera.

Video Evidence Including EVP’s:

Kodak Camcorder:

  • Kodak camera captured audio of REM DD during investigation. At times this appeared to respond to questioning.
  • Later moved to cover REM DD. Captured several more hits, again at times appearing to respond to questioning. However in both cases too erratic to confirm.

Sony Recorder:

  • Several pieces of light phenomenon. (DEBUNKED: Camera Flashes in Laundry.)

Still Picture Evidence:

  • Floating” Raquet above wood pile. (DEBUNKED: Hanging from wire above wood pile)
  • Strange Red Square in one image.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon:

  • Nil


  • REM DD hits on occasion appeared in response to questioning. However turning off and on of lights also appeared to make this device behave in erratic ways. Something to be aware of in the future.
  • Battery drain consistent with previous investigation.
  • Residence felt “calmer” than clients previous home.
  • Unable to investigate outside buildings due to asbestos. Would be good to return.
  • Client seems open to further investigations.


  • Site has great history and potential for hauntings. Unfortunately we weren’t able to capture any evidence to prove or disprove a haunting. In future it would be interesting to be able investigate outside buildings.

House/Equipment Layout

Phones were turned off due to possibility of contamination during previous investigation.Sony Night Vision camera focused on bedrooms and toy room. Pram and toy car used as trigger object.

Other Nightvision camera covered other bedrooms.

Kodak camera used to cover equipment.

Voice recorder used during EVPs but left on during investigation.

Spirit Box used during portion of 2 EVP sessions.

Weather:  Autumn.  Cold, dry, foggy.

Night Rundown:

  1. Arrived at residence at 9pm. Greeted by client. Discussed plan for night, signed paperwork.
  2. Walkthrough of house with client. Checked vicinity for any areas of high EMF. Basic temperature checks. Took photos of each room.
  3. Set up camera’s covering bedrooms. These were moved to other rooms throughout night.
  4. Turned off phones.
  5. Discussed history and EVP questions with client. Conducted first EVP session.
  6. Tried Spirit Box during latter half of EVP session.
  7. Short break.
  8. Conducted 2nd EVP session in laundry.
  9. Trigger objects used (lollies and toy)
  10. Tried spirit box in latter part of EVP session.
  11. Short walk around grounds. Took still photos.

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New Investigator Wanted: Position 2

Expressions of Interest


Launceston Paranormal Society, together with Wraith Paranormal Research and Investigation are seeking a highly motivated individual to join their teams.  This is a great opportunity for individuals looking to assist in the field of paranormal investigation, research and documentation.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to look at both teams websites and understand our approach.

Position 2:  Photographer and/or Videographer / Investigator

Your role as a Photographer and or Videographer/ Investigator will be a great asset to the teams.  Your expertise will be greatly used in investigations where there are high levels of visual activity.  Ideally you would have;

Relevant past experience or qualification with the use of visual recording equipment.

Access to technology relevant to the position (ie; night vision/thermal imaging) along with the ability to use it to its full potential out in the field and on review.

Relevant technology to analyse footage accurately.

Be able to document and communicate your findings from review in a professional manner to the team and client.

Availability to assist both teams with investigations across Tasmania as required.

Your own means of transport.

Applications must be in writing and address the criteria above.  Applications are to be submitted by email to by Friday 22nd March 2013.


The successful applicant will be required to sign an agreement regarding their rights and responsibilities and the repercussions of not abiding to the same.  A six month probation period will apply for all new members after which time a performance review will determine your ongoing involvement with the teams.


For additional enquiries please contact us via the email address provided, quoting the position title.

Launceston Paranormal Society and Wraith Paranormal Research and Investigation are not for profit community services.  We do not change fees for investigations and salaries are not paid to members.


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